Fri. Mar 31st, 2023



Aaron Walsh is a psychopath. For years he has kept that fact hidden, but one bad day is about to bring it all out into the open. When Jane Flannery walks into his computer repair store, he becomes obsessed. He wants to know every detail about her life. Unfortunately for Jane, Aaron has everything he needs. Her computer. Jane is in great danger and she doesn’t even know it yet.


“It’s strange to claim that a book about a guy who is this downtrodden as ‘fun’, but Walsh is a spirited narrator, no matter how spiritless he claims to be. Mind you, he’s an extremely creepy narrator and person, even hateful at times. Profane and grotesque, he’s still compelling; you’re driven to keep reading to see just how downtrodden he can be. If you’re in the mood to explore the dark depths of human behaviour, Morbid Thoughts is a riveting read.” – SPR

“Although this story is often somber and grotesque, McGovern injects enough nuance to prevent it from being a mere blood bath. A riveting character study even during its most appalling moments.” – Kirkus