When I was a child, I would never play with action figures much. I found them to be rigid and too set in the way they were. Instead, I played with pens. Two pens to be precise. I would hold one pen out in front of me and picture it as an arm. If I could picture that pen as an arm, then I could picture a torso, legs, a head – the works. By looking at that pen, a fully formed character would appear before me. With a second pen, I would repeat the process over and conjure a second character. With two characters standing in front of me, I could visualise their world and their surroundings. The real world would disappear, and I would inhabit the world I had just created. This is how my process usually begins. I started as a child, but now I am a man with two pens, a notepad, and a ceaseless urge to write.

I was born in Perth, Australia to Irish parents. I moved to Ireland when I was 8 years old. The first autograph I ever obtained was for the children’s author Paul Jennings. I queued for three hours in a shopping centre just to meet the man who had stimulated my imagination. Stories like the ones he wrote, made me want to write my own. I liked to write for an audience. I lived for the positive feedback a good story would get me. No matter where my life took me, or whatever was going on, I somehow always found the time to write.

In May 2017, I independently published my first novel, Morbid Thoughts. A transgressive, psychological thriller that dealt with the perspective of a psychopath. It was a challenging piece to write, but I was very appreciative of the experience and learned a lot from the process. Now, I plan to put what I learned to good use with the forthcoming publication of Killing Angels, due at some point in the summer of 2019.